Our Process - Spin Design Ltd
Space Planning & Interior Design, New Zealands Leading interior design company based in Auckland.
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Our Process

Spin 4D

  • 01 DISCUSS

  • 02 DESIGN


  • 04 DELIVER

01 Discuss


  • Walk through the site and take photos
  • Discuss your wish list, your motivations, and your priorities
  • Discuss processes, procedures, and timing
  • Discuss your budget and your expectations of us for your investment
  • Provide you with a reverse brief. This will be the start of the ‘Scope of works’ a working and evolving document as we progress through the stages


To give you what you want, we need to get to know you. The rapport we have together, will become an integral part of developing a successful design. The more we get to know you, the better the design and the design experience.


We will come to see you, to see, how you live… how you work… how you play. To see what works for you, and what does not. Then we discuss everything…everything you do, everything you need and want, everything you aspire to.

02 Design


  • Order the Property File and Certificate of Title ( if required )
  • Investigate site restrictions and limitations
  • Measure and draw the existing space
  • Explore different design options and present these to you for review and comment
  • Discuss the different design possibilities and explore the potential benefits and costs of each option
  • Develop a preferred design to an agreed and realistic budget range
  • Provide a budget guide
  • Develop the ‘Scope of Works’


And then the fun starts… Design is an always evolving process. If you can dream it, it can and probably will be done eventually.There’s no right or wrong, there are just possibilities. So, bring all your ideas to the table, and we will explore them with you, enthusiastically, creatively, and curiously.

We will guide you toward a space that’s both functional and beautiful; but ultimately it’s your input into the project that will be the unique and defining element that makes the space successful.


We’re mindful of physical and financial constraints, so as the design is developing, we discuss the cost implications of each decision you make. We focus on the emotional value of a space, believing that the implementation of a great design through form, space, light and texture will enhance your quality of life, but also add value to your investment.


We believe concept design is most critical, as it combines brainstorming, detailed review of the possible proposals and their feasibility as well as technical and cost evaluation to ensure that the design meets our clients’ needs and aspirations. The conceptual design phase provides ideas that define both the aesthetics and functionality of the proposals.

03 Document


  • Drawings and documentation for construction and manufacture
  • Specifications and code of code of conduct for contractors; trade by trade
  • Drawings and documentation for any statutory local body authority approvals
  • Scope of Works
  • Programme


We enter strategic collaborations with our network of experts to develop a comprehensive and precise design and documentation package. This serves as both the rules and method of construction, but also as a guideline as to how contactors must work and conduct themselves in the process.


If everyone understands what is expected of them and works together toward a clear and common goal then great spaces are delivered on time and on budget.

04 Deliver


  • Full procurement or advice to help you self-manage
  • Price request and price comparison
  • Assistance with contractor appointments on the client’s behalf


We tailor our services, on a job by job basis, to best meet your needs and the complexity of your project. While we generally advise clients to engage professional project managers, some projects can be managed by you, in which case we provide guidance, tools and templates to help you self-manage the project.


As part of our procurement service we will research and present information on various products, services and materials. Our aim is to provide options for your selection that are the optimum combination of quality, price, and availability. We provide quotations and manage the complete supply and delivery process.


Our document package ensures that everyone involved in the process has a clear understanding of what is expected of them and what needs to be delivered. We can assist with pricing and price comparisons. We can assist with contractor engagements. We can visit the site during construction to ensure works are proceeding in accordance with the design and contract documents.


We set extremely high standards for ourselves and expect all other parties involved in the process to meet or exceed our delivery expectations.

Space is both limitless and intimate; to mold it and to shape it is a challenge and a privilege.

To create environments that people move in and that move people is rewarding.

To create spaces that are successful for others is the measure of our success.