Retail - Spin Design Ltd
Space Planning & Interior Design, New Zealands Leading interior design company based in Auckland.
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We come to you, to see how your business works and how your customers shop. Then we break things down into small and achievable goals and put systems in place to tick them off one by one. We work side by side with you to achieve all that you can from your business right now. Then we look at ways for your business to grow and adapt for continued success.


We follow the same process and apply the same attention to detail to 50m2 shops as we do to 500m2 shops. There is nothing to small and nothing too big. Variety keeps things interesting and leads to innovation.


At Spin design comes first. We won’t offer anything that we cannot do to the best of our ability, but whether you want a shop fitter, a business adviser, a graphic designer or a window dresser, we have aligned ourselves with consultants and tradespeople, who will meet your needs. We can give you simply the best design, or look after the entire project from start to finish. We tailor our service to your needs, so you can be involved as much or as little as you want.


It’s a new Spin on service. A new Spin on design


  • Create greater brand awareness and promote brand loyalty
  • Increase the perceived value of the products you sell
  • Increase the dollar spend per customer
  • Create better and more memorable shopping experiences
  • Identify and secure high performance brands and products
  • Put systems in place to maintain, protect and grow your business

Whether it’s a new business or an existing store, before the new environment is designed you must be very clear about what needs to be addressed.


A new look can add great value to a business, but unless the operation adapts with the design, it won’t take long for your customers to realize that it’s the same old product in a fancy new box.


Management, product placement, merchandising, and customer service are all as important as the product you sell and the environment in which you sell it. Just as the selling environment changes, the social environment changes, and customer expectation changes, so should your business.


At Spin we take a holistic approach to the design of your store, by helping you identify the core values of your offering and the potential for improvement.


Our business is to not only to design an environment that holds on to existing customers, but one that attracts new customers and helps you create greater brand loyalty. We create an environment that is flexible enough to change as you need to. We help protect your investment and future-proof your business.


Great design only comes from the mutual respect between a designer and their client.


From acknowledging the strengths both parties bring to the table and overcoming all weaknesses, by identifying what is needed to achieve success, and by working together to reach a clear and common goal.


Spin know retail. You know the specifics of your business. You know what works for you. We know what has worked and failed for others.


Your trust in our knowledge, our innovation, and our creativity will be rewarded with an environment that sells, that excites, and that works. Risk goes hand in hand with success, but our experience will help you minimize that risk and maximize your opportunities.


Designers are part artist, part business person, but without clients who value what we offer, we have nothing but knowledge and ideas.


Come to us with your business plan; your hopes and dreams, and together we will transform your hard work, your aspirations, your investment into something real and rewarding.


The success of your business is the success of ours.

We can both build a reputation on that.




Space is both limitless and intimate; to mold it and to shape it is a challenge and a privilege.

To create environments that people move in and that move people is rewarding.

To create spaces that are successful for others is the measure of our success.