About Us - Spin Design Ltd
Space Planning & Interior Design, New Zealands Leading interior design company based in Auckland.
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About Us

SPIN way of life

We endeavour to make a difference in people’s lives, by improving the spaces they live in, work in and play in.


For the team at Spin, design is a way of life – we live it, we breathe it – we walk into a room and instinctively break it down into components: carpet, lights, cabinets, windows etc. We look at walls, and through walls and shift things around in our heads to unlock the potential of a space.


We have been involved in design, building, and project management as long as we can remember. Our product and industry knowledge is diverse and comprehensive and we have surrounded ourselves with a team of consultants and tradesmen that share a common goal – to produce homes or spaces that our clients love to be in.




Lead Designer

I truly believe that design can improve quality of life. I am a dreamer, a romantic, but I do not think that I have an idealized view of reality. The arts, architecture and design all play on human emotions. If one does not feel at ease in a space it will never be one’s home. If one is not comfortable in a store they will not purchase. My dream is to create bespoke functional spaces and furniture pieces, specific to each person’s or each store’s needs.


I am very lucky. I have wonderful parents who have always supported me in chasing my dreams. And I am sure that – when I told them that my dream was in New Zealand – they were not jumping for joy. You see, I was born and raised in Germany and being a parent myself now, I can see how hard it would have been to see me live on the other side of the world.


I studied design first at Unitec and then AUT. At my second work place I met my husband. We now have two beautiful boys with smiles that can light up a room and tempers that can drive you up the wall. I do consider myself very lucky, because not only do I have a caring family, but I also get to do what I really love – design.



Lead Designer

I studied design with this grand notion that in design I had the ability to change the world. As the grey hairs started coming in, my youthful desire to make all things beautiful became a little less grandiose.


I started my career working with some of the world’s leading retail brands; later in my career with some of New Zealand’s most wonderful families. The budgets are different. The scale is different. The challenges are different.


But, Design is Design, and good design does change the world. 25 years later my passion for design is as strong as it ever was, but I’m now quite happy changing the world one small space at a time.

Space is both limitless and intimate; to mold it and to shape it is a challenge and a privilege.

To create environments that people move in and that move people is rewarding.

To create spaces that are successful for others is the measure of our success.